Bio-remediation offers a significant breakthrough for automotive workshops offering a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution against traditional petroleum hydrocarbon cleaners.



Defense machinery gets used in some very testing environments and the need for parts washers is crucial for their proper and safe operation. Our bio-remediation parts washers provide effective, safe and sustainable solutions.



We offer a specialty range of  bio-remediation cleaners and degreasers specifically formulated for aircraft and airfields. Be it cleaning solutions for runways or mechanical parts we have a sustainable and safe solution for your needs.



With a commitment to thorough and effective parts cleaners, and stringent environmental standards, our versatile range of super heavy duty bio-remediation cleaners will match the application needs demanded by heavy industry.

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Smarter.Clean.Green. provides a healthier and safer alternative to current industrial cleaning products and practices.

We offer advanced bio-remediation technology to eliminate waste and break down organics without the use of toxic harmful chemicals, and without compromising on effectiveness. With the use of eco-specialised cleaners you can ensure your everyday business operations contribute to a healthier and safer workplace and a sustainable environment.

Our part washers and systems provide a cost-effective solution and help companies meet its green mandate, performing to the strict health and safety standards required of industrial cleaners. Our bio-remediation cleaners cater specifically to the requirements of technical industries and applications including; mining, heavy industry, aviation, military and automotive.

Our Brands:


A proven leader in the parts washing industry, SmartWasher is a bio-remediation parts cleaning system. It is safe to use, cost effective and extraordinarily powerful – the ultimate solution to clean parts.


The Biorem range of cleaners use the power of bio-remediation to break down oil, grease and grime leaving a safe easily disposable by-product. Perfect for almost any application.


Hi-Lite offers a range of eco-friendly, state-of-the-art multi and purpose built cleaners for use in, on, and around heavy machinery and in industrial scenarios.

Brulin products provide innovative solutions for cleaning and maintenance professionals. A market leader for 75 years, Brulin has a very wide cleaning range covering almost any industry.

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